Delicious Marijuana-infused Grilled Cheese

Delicious Marijuana Grilled Cheese

Everyone loves nostalgic food once in a while and grilled cheese is one of them. It’s so easy to do and comes out perfect every time.

The gooey cheese and crisp bread are the perfect savory combination that will light up your taste buds. Speaking of bud, this recipe contains infused coconut oil to add an extra kick to your grilled cheese. But if you’re really wanting an extra buzz, then add some cannabis pesto to your grilled cheese. Whether you’re cooking this dish late at night as a snack or for dinner after a long day, it will leave you satisfied and buzzed.

You can get creative with this recipe because there are so many different kinds of grilled cheeses out there. You can add meats, veggies, or keep it simple with just cheese. We wanted to make a fresh Caprese style grilled cheese because of the fresh herby basil taste and acidity from the tomato pairs nicely with the soft canna-coconut oil flavor.

Yield: 1 Grilled Cheese

What You’ll Need:

•    1 Tablespoon of Canna-Coconut Oil

•    Butter of your choice

•    2 slices of any type of Bread (Preferably fresh and thick)

•    Organic mozzarella cheese

•    Freshly torn Basil (makes the flavor come out more)

•    Tomato

•    1 Tablespoon of Pesto (Or Cannabis Pesto)

•    Pan

•    Spatula


1.    Place a pan over medium heat

2.    Smear about 1 tablespoon of regular butter on one side of the bread and 1 dose of your canna-coconut oil on the other side of the bread

3.    Place the toast canna-oil down and allow the bottom to get a golden crisp

4.    Flip the bread over to the butter side and add slices of fresh mozzarella and basil.

5.    The cheese will begin to melt and the flavor of the fresh basil will start to come out

6.    Place the tomato and tablespoon of pesto on top of the melted cheese

7.    Combine the two pieces of crispy golden-brown bread and enjoy your delicious ganja sandwich!