Super Bowl Ad For Medical Marijuana Gets Rejected

Super bowl Ad for Medical Marijuana gets rejected.

We’ve seen a lot of big changes in the cannabis industry this last year. With Canada legalizing cannabis nationwide and the United States allowing patients in 30 states to use medical marijuana, you would think advertisements regarding the plant would be acceptable by now. It appears not.

CBS is the network that hosts the Super Bowl, which rejected an advertisement promoting the positive aspects of medical marijuana. Acreage Holdings, a successful cannabis company, valued at over $2.4 billion and supported by John Boehner, reported that CBS rejected the ad after seeing a rough outline.

The ad was to feature two people who benefit from medical cannabis, a veteran who sustained combat injuries and a child who suffers from seizures.

The President of Acreage, George Allen, stated that the goal of the ad was to “create an advocacy campaign for constituents who are being lost in the dialogue.” With so many viewers who tune in to watch the Super Bowl, Allen was hoping to jump on this opportunity.

Allen also stated in a phone interview that, “It’s hard to compete with the amount of attention something gets when it airs during the Super Bowl.”

As you can imagine, Super Bowl ads aren’t cheap. Last year, it was reported that a regular 30-second spot cost over $5 million. Acreage was prepared to cough up that kind of money and created the ad believing it had a strong chance of having it aired. Acreage pitched the ad as a “call to political action” rather than a branding opportunity.

“We certainly thought there was a chance,” said Allen. “You strike when the chance of your strike has the probability of success -- this isn’t a doomed mission."

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