Patrick Stewart Uses Weed Edibles for Arthritis Pain | Kannabi - The Culture of Cannabis

Sir Patrick Stewart admits he uses medical marijuana for his arthritis pain.

The 76-year old actor spoke out about his marijuana use in hopes to support a research project from Oxford University that is intended to explore the medical benefits that marijuana offers. This multi-million-dollar research program hopes to develop new therapies for acute and chronic conditions with cannabis.

Stewart mentioned he was examined by a doctor in Los Angeles in 2014 and was given a doctors note for the permission of his purchase. He was advised that products containing cannabis would help with his ortho-arthritis in both of his hands.

His regiment includes, ointment at night and spray on his fingers and joints several times a day, each day. Stewart stated that the cannabis products have reduced the pain and stiffness in his hands. He is finally able to make a fist.

Stewarts first ‘hand’ experience influenced his push for Britain’s new research program because he believes that the results will benefit people like him and others that have been suffering.

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