Why You Should NEVER Smoke Synthetic Weed

Why you should NEVER smoke synthetic weed

What is Synthetic Weed?

Synthetic weed is also known as K-2, Spice, and has many other names. It is ground up plant material with artificial mind-altering chemicals that are usually sprayed or dried on.

How is Synthetic Weed Consumed?

Synthetic weed is intended to be smoked or vaporized and has become popular due to the accessibility and low cost. Fake weed also mimics regular weed in regard to the “high.” However, it has harmful and potentially lasting effects on the body.

Harmful Side Effects of Synthetic Weed

Users of synthetic weed normally experience withdrawals when trying to quit with symptoms such as headaches, depression, and anxiety.

Furthermore, some people who have used fake weed have been taken to the hospital and have shown common symptoms such as nausea and vomiting, erratic and violent behavior, fast heart rate, and thoughts of suicide.

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