CBD Coffee: How I Felt After Drinking a CBD Latte

I tried a CBD latte and I tracked how I felt throughout the day.

By Kannabi Staff

CBD is a compound found in marijuana that does not have a psychoactive effect. People and establishments have been adding CBD to their foods and drinks for relieving effects. I personally tried for its claims for anti-anxiety.

One trend coffee shops have been especially trying (besides oat milk) is adding the option of CBD in your drink. Coffee is a stimulant, while CBD is calming. Many claim that the combination gives you the alertness of caffeine without the anxiousness.

I went to a coffee shop called The Seed, where they offer 100mg of Vybes CBD in your drink for an extra $3. There are a few flavors to choose from but I decided to go with Lavender. I specifically ordered an iced oat milk latte with lavender CBD. There are two shots of espresso in my drink, so on average, it is about 80 milligrams of caffeine. When I received the drink I could not taste any difference from my usual oat milk latte, not even the lavender flavor came through.

I have anxiety and coffee usually enhances it. I like to drink coffee because it helps me stay focused and alert. I thought this drink would be ideal for me. Take note, researches say that CBD affects everyone differently.

After my first few sips through my paper straw, I started feeling the coffee jitters and alertness within minutes (maybe because I haven’t eaten anything). Here’s a play by play:

10:31 am- Feeling caffeinated and jittery, but no signs of relaxation.

10:41 am- I have half my latte left and am going to slowly sip it. My body is starting to relax but I’m still alert.

11:21 am- I finished my latte and I feel more of the calmness than the coffee.

12:05 pm- My anxiety isn’t anywhere to be found and I’m feeling great.

1:30 pm- I finished my work and feel accomplished!

2:30 pm- I ate lunch and am feeling a bit tired, not sure if it's from the CBD.

5:00 pm- I read my book and took an hour nap. I don’t feel groggy and had a great rest.

Overview: The CBD was an interesting combination with the caffeine since I am highly sensitive to caffeine from my anxiety. I felt focused and finished my work in a timely manner without feeling so anxious. I did start to lean more toward the tired side as the day went on. I would definitely recommend using CBD for anxiety and am going to look into high-quality brands to purchase from.