How 420 Became A part of Weed Culture

How 420 Became Apart of Weed Culture | Kannabi

If you’re reading this, you probably already know that “420” is basically a holiday.

With each year that passes, cannabis is becoming more and more acceptable. This last year, we’ve seen some crazy marijuana events take place, like a whole nation (Canada), legalizing cannabis.

How “420” Became a Thing

A lot of rumors surround 4/20 and how it actually got started. The most accepted story is that five students, nicknamed the “Waldos,” used “420” as a code for weed. They were called the “Waldos” because they would meet up by a wall at 4:20 pm to smoke pot. They chose 4:20 pm due to their after-school activities by then.

The term eventually made its way to the brand, the Grateful Dead which led to it spreading. Eventually, the term was picked up by High Times Magazine and the rest was history.