Cannabis Patch for Pain

Cannabis has come a long way within the retail medicinal realm.

Innovative products such as adhesive cannabis patches are taking storm thanks to its effective pain relieving action and technology.

Cannabis patches are adhesive transdermal bandages that are infused with cannabis oil or isolates. Similar to a nicotine or birth control patch, they deliver a slow release of medicine through the skin and penetrates the capillaries. This allows the cannabinoid medicine to enter the bloodstream.

Although there have not been large-scale clinical trials, people are still buying cannabis pain patches from companies. The challenge for this technology is on how the body will allow the active molecules to actually penetrate. Some companies have patented different technology on how the body will successfully absorb the medicine. For example, there have been micro-needles within the patch to give a higher success rate.

Because this form of relief is not ingested through the respiratory system or digestive system, these patches are appealing to many. Cannabis pain patches offer an assortment of benefits such as long-lasting relief up to 8 hours, easy dosage control from the pre-loaded amount, and slow-release relief to targeted areas throughout the day.

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