California to Clear 54,000 People With Marijuana Convictions


People have been searching on how to clear their old criminal records after the legalization of recreational marijuana was passed in California. But, the legal process is very tedious and hard to go through.

Los Angeles and San Joaquin counties have taken notice of people trying to clear their name so they set plan to dismiss and reduce some of the 54,000 cannabis involved imprisonments.

Of the eligible convictions, 50,000 are in L.A County and over 4,000 are in San Joaquin County. They have not announced a set year in which the convictions are capped at. This leaves people with possession charges for past decades uncertain about their permissibility.

Majority of the marijuana offenses have been African Americans because law enforcement targeted these individuals. Studies throughout the past years have shown that people of color have a higher chance of getting arrested for cannabis-related offenses than whites do. This vicious cycle has stopped minorities from getting out of poverty and bettering their future with a job or schooling.

Governor Jerry Brown has issued a signed measure mandating that the state compiles a list of all the Californians that are eligible to have their crimes expunged under Proposition 64 by July 1st of this year. Proposition 47, of 2014, reduced some of the low-level and non-violent crimes to misdemeanors. This took about four years to do because it contained 26,000 cases and cost the state 2.5 million dollars in fees.

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