Any Marijuana Use Is Medicinal, Even If A Person Uses It For Recreational Reasons

The use of marijuana is medicinal, even though users identify it as ‘recreational.’

The use of marijuana is medicinal, even though users identify it as ‘recreational.’

Medical marijuana is taking over the nation with such a strong force that conservative legislators and administrations can’t help but be progressive and notice the benefits.  However, all uses of marijuana are limited to a few states and the words that are slowing down the development is “recreational marijuana.”

Using the phrase ‘recreational’ has a negative connotation when put in front of the word marijuana. The industry is scrutinized and targeted by opposing parties and companies because of this phrase. They take advantage of the term “recreational marijuana use” and twist it into something that it’s not. Americans, politicians left and right, lawmakers, and administrations support the use of cannabis medically.

Approximately nine out of every 10 adults, 85 percent, believe that marijuana should be legalized for medical use.

The southern states debate over the use of cannabis recreationally and it is often not won. However, the debate for medical cannabis is a win. This all comes down to the terminology and connotations that are manipulated, and we need to correctly address it as “medical use.”

Americans suffer from endocannabinoid deficiencies, which manifest in the forms of autoimmune diseases, depression, bipolar disorders, severe pain, and sleep disorders. They are recognized by the FDA (Food and Drug Administrative) and AMA (American Medical Association) as medical conditions. There are many drugs out on the market that treat these medical ailments. However, cannabis is the main alternative medicine.  

Cannabinoid ligands balance and give energy to our endocannabinoid system. Thus, making cannabis vital to sustaining a healthy body and mind.

“Recreational” users don’t realize that they are treating themselves for medical purposes when they use cannabis. They are using cannabis to make them feel calm, social, for pain, and focusing.  All of which different marijuana strains help you do. Common drugs such as Xanax, Adderall, and Ambien are used for these medical ailments as well and cost a fortune.

Recognize the movement as medically and not recreationally.

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