119-foot 24k gold joint sets record


Yes, you read that correctly.

What do you need to roll a 119-foot joint? An army, tons of rolling papers and around two and a half pounds of cannabis.

At the Harvest Cup in Worcester, a cannabis lifestyle brand rolled such a joint. 

To give you an idea of the company's dedication, back in 2017 they rolled and brought a 106-foot joint to the first annual trade show and competition. Co-owner of the company, Andrew Mutty stated they wanted to “do something crazy."

Adding to his statement, he mentioned, "We all had a lot of chats about smoking weed and rolling joints and someone was like, ‘How big of a joint could we roll?’”

The record-setting joint drew much attention and interest, which lead to the company teaming up with Shine Papers, a company that sells 24K gold rolling papers. Staff and volunteers gathered at the event to roll the joint in incremental sessions. 

After the Harvest Cup, 24 feet of the joint was disconnected and saved for an event on April 20, 2019.

How many friends do you think you would

need to smoke a 119-foot doobie?

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