Weed for Your Cat? Sort of...

Weed for Your Cat? Sort of... | Kannabi - The Culture of Cannabis

Your cat can have its own personal “weed” stash like you!

A company called Meowijuana has transformed the world of catnip by making it look like popular cannabis products. The products contain only organic catnip that is pet-safe and best suited for felines that are one-year-old or older.

The company has thought of an array of options and styles for getting your cat buzzed. They sell special catnip “buds” that can be ground up in a special grinder. There are different types of “shake” and “buds,” ranging from Meowi-Waui to Grand Daddy Purr Buds.

However, if you’re not looking for loose “flower,” there are also King Meow J’s that look like Raw pre-rolled joints. The j’s are filled with about 7 grams of catnip.

There is also an infused essential oil spray with catnip extracts that can be sprayed onto toys or into water bowls.

Meowijuana’s catnip will give your cat a happy and euphoric sensation because it targets the feel-good receptors in their brain. Typical reactions include: sniffing, licking, head shaking, rolling around, eating the herb, and head rubbing.

These reactions usually can last from 5-15 minutes. Catnip is derived from the herbal mint family but it is not meant for human consumption. Make sure not to mix your furry friends stash with yours!