Coca-Cola Billionaire Arrested for 5,000 Weed Plants on Private Plane

Coca-Cola Billionaire Arrested for 5,000 Weed Plants on Private Plane | Kannabi

Alki David, heir to Coca Cola billionaire, and his business partner have been busted for arriving in St.Kitts with supposedly 5,000 cannabis plants, seeds, and CBD products on his private jet.

According to a local police report posted on Facebook, David was arrested after a two-day investigation went underway.

The authorities were to search the illegal materials that were suggested to be cannabis. He was later taken into custody and charged with “possession with intent to supply, possession of controlled drugs, and importation of a controlled drug into the federation.

The billionaire was released with only a $30,000 cash bail, ordered to surrender his travel documents, and to appear in court on May 14th.

David is no noob to the bad boy’s club. He’s been sued for millions for copyright infringement, sexual allegations, and more. You’d think he would be over breaking the law so many times, but it doesn’t seem like he’s looking to stop anytime soon.

According to the St. Kitts & Nevis Observer, his reasoning for coming to the island was to fruit relationships with local farmers to grow in hopes of them growing hemp plants.

David owns and operates a CBD company called Swissx. His plan is to grow the plants in the area and purchase them back for his CBD company to create products.

Although it was not illegal to travel with the seeds, it was illegal that they were intentionally brought for the purpose of planting and cultivation. The country sees cannabis plants and seeds as the same, whether its CBD or THC.

It is a coincidental mishap because the federation had its first hearing on potentially legalizing cannabis for various purposes.

The Prime Minister of St. Kitts announced that the country has no interest in permitting non-nationals to grow there and take advantage of the land and people for the marijuana industry.

David’s CBD company, Swissx, released a statement stating that Alki David and his business partner will be filing lawsuits against the Prime Minister and the Federations government.